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Our analysis software I-Matrix makes it possible to check the stability of any stock, commodity, currency, fund or bond under any market conditions.

With our special portfolio-check we can systematically optimize the return of investment for our clients.

Our approach is to invest in strength and to avoid weakness.

Therefore our special trading portfolio is not only able to reduce the risks of investments but also the time to achieve gains in the markets.

Like the Traffic Alert/Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) for aircrafts I-Matrix allows our clients to avoid major downturns or crashes in the markets. Therefore fasten your seat belts and enjoy a safer flight into your financial future with the Livermore-Indicator.

The accuracy of our trading signals allows us to outperform all of our competitors. The backtesting over the last 35 years proves that our navigation strategy leads to outperforming financial success. The 4 trader services that offer you this outstanding financial innovation are called:




WALLSTREETCOCKPIT.COM (for private investors)

ETF-COCKPIT.COM (for private investors)

FUTURESCOCKPIT.COM (for private investors)

BANKINGCOCKPIT.COM (for professional investors)

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Dr.-Ing. Artur P. Schmidt predicted the
world economic crisis in his book

Economies are like airplanes without a pilot. It seems that they are running on a strange autopilot called neoliberalism.
The politicians meeting at G8 summits therefore are only first class passengers in an airplane which has lost control.
Economists, which mostly have no clue of the trends they predict, would say perfect, because the market should control the flight. The actual debt situation, the meltdown of the middle-class nevertheless show another picture:
Systems can get out of control and  collapse if the complex interdependencies are not understood!.

The situation that "no one is at the cockpit" leads to an darwinistic economy that should be replaced by an economy with a certain type of wellknown cockpit-approach called "Soziale Marktwirtschaft".

To bring this focus back we designed a control system for economies: the Banking-Cockpit.

Our Economy-Control-Center delivers high quality economic research of a new dimension.

With our revolutionary software I-Matrix we can expand the frontier of economic knowledge under special consideration of increasing risks and instabilties in the markets.

The areas we can cover are money and banking, macroeconomics as well as international and regional economics.

Economic Simulation Models:
3-Month Treasury Bill: Secondary Market Rate More...

10-Year Treasury Constant Maturity Rate More...

M3 Money Stock Seasonally Adjusted More...

Consumer Price Index For All Urban Consumers More...

Consumer (Individual) Loans at All Commercial Banks More...

Personal Savings Rate Seasonally Adjusted More...

S&P 500-Index (GSPC) More...
Gross Domestic Product, 1 Decimal More...
Corporate Inventory Valuation Adjustment More...

Corporate Net Cash Flow More...

Trade Balance: Goods and Services, BoP Basis More...
Capacity Utilization: Total Industry More...
Civilian Unemployment Rate More...


The problem with companies is: they are complex! The bigger they are, the more complex they get. So if anybody in the management team or advisory board of a company thinks he is understanding what the system really does he should be considered a clairvoyant.

Most of the interactions in companies are invisible. This makes it very difficult to look behind the curtain of complex interdependencies. The so-called PIMS-project, which was designed to monitor key indicators of companies in comparison to other companies, key financial indicator calculations or balanced scorecards are simply not enough to understand the financial situation of a company. The art in finance is to look behind the figures in balance sheets or cost accounts.

Our corporate governance and finance software I-Matrix, which was originally designed to analyze companies, allows to monitor systematically the stability of key indicators inside and outside of companies. As a result of our analysis decision makers recognize which indicators get weak or strong before they govern earnings. This allows our clients to determine faster than their competitors which countermeasures have to be taken. As a positive side-effect figures that are calculated through feedback loops are also not so easy to manipulate through creative accouning.

The calculation of the feedback between indicators delivers evidence whether the business strategies lead to success within particular industries.

With the I-Matrix-Software clients get answers to basic questions like:

What is the typical profit rate for a company?; What are the future operating results likely to be with current strategies?; What strategies are likely to help improve future operating results?

We can show our clients how strategic variables like market share, investment intensity etc. influence the profitability of organizations. The relative comparison of indicators within a company can also establish a healthy competition between business units.

The goal of our cockpit-approach is to strengthen the strategic planning of companies. This leads to outstanding success especially in industries with a real-time environment. In the future companies will have to collect and analyze data on a daily basis. A lot of companies, especially in the financial industry, will emerge to real-time companies. For those companies our cockpit-approach is simply a must!

The service that offers our clients this outstanding control system is called: the Finance-Cockpit.

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Are you sick of getting investment recommendations with a bad timing from bankers or investment letters?

Do you want to work with a software that beats every analyst, portfolio or fund manager?

Then it´s time to be your own pilot
in the financial markets!

Cockpits for pilots have a clear advantage to all other systems: they show the real situation of your financial flight
into the future.

Instead of sitting before a dark screen cockpits allow a precise navigation and give early warning signals when markets get weak or strong.

There is one very important lesson in the market which has never to be forgotten:

The quickest way to lose money in the markets is to listen to others and their so-called expert opinions. The reason for this is: experts are always wrong!


Failure is not an option at wallstreetcockpit.com!

As a swiss company we are dedicated to timing. There are
3 factors in the markets that are the most important for financial success: 1. Timing, 2. Timing, 3. Timing.

The science in which timing plays a major role is cybernetics. It belongs to the most important developments in the 20th century. There is no doubt that today we are totally dependant on networks and their feedback loops.

Therefore it is necessary in the 21st century to understand the real interdependencies in financial markets. Ludwig von Mises taught us that all an economy is about are fluctuations in prices.

The understanding of the interaction of prices is therefore the only approach that gives a deeper knowledge how a networked economy functions. In a networked economy it is all about the relativity of price movements.

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About Schmidt

Artur P. Schmidt has studied systems science with a phd.
on the topic of cybernetic market analysis. He was strategy consultant in one of the largest american consulting companies and head of corporate strategy of a german energy trading firm. Later he was management and e-business consultant for many top managers of the old and new economy. Today the media-entrepreneur and
scientist is chief-editor of the knowledge-portal www.wissensnavigator.com and the finance-portal www.wallstreetcockpit.com. He is chairman of the board of the Tradercockpit AG which is selling high-end trading tools to professional traders.

Artur P. Schmidt is also a well-known writer, journalist and keynote-speaker (www.arturpschmidt.ch) about new media, technology, future trends and the creating of knowledge.

Peter Felixberger, chief-editor of changeX, quoted
Artur P. Schmidt as one of the leading experts of
the "New Economy"

Online-Portals of Dr.-Ing. Artur P. Schmidt:

Published books are:


WALLSTREETCOCKPIT.COM (for private investors)

ETF-COCKPIT.COM (for private investors)

FUTURESCOCKPIT.COM (for private investors)

BANKINGCOCKPIT.COM (for professional investors)

Contact Info

Tradercockpit AG
Bahnhofstrasse 21
CH-6304 Zug

Mobile +41 78 748 2407

Skype: blueaps



Did you lose money in the latest market crash in October 2008? Our subscribers gained 35 % during that period.

We offer you  not only the best indicator worldwide for trading but also a Gold Mine of Facts and Strategic Information: Deepen your investment knowledge through insightful comments, research and strategic navigation tools.
Get the SCHMIDT Indicator for indices, stocks, commodities, and currencies. Read detailed profiles of company fundamentals.

The annual subscription price for the Wallstreet-Cockpit is 12.000 USD (12.000 Euro or 12.000 CHF) plus VAT for non-professional traders. You must be a citizen of the currency zone. For portfolio managers and fund managers we offer the professional site:

A Life Time Membership to the Wallstreetcockpit costs you only 36.000 USD (36.000 Euro/36.000 CHF) plus VAT.

Asset Protection Consulting costs 12.000 USD (12.000 Euro / 12.000 CHF) per session.

With your personal access code you get a membership to a portfolio of strategic top assets. With our cockpit approach you can see the stability of your investments on a daily basis.

To get a membership subscribe to the future of timing!

Your Payments: The subscription can be paid by money transfer to our accounts or by credit cards. As soon as the payment is credited to our account you will get your full access to our membership area.

It is not allowed to share passwords with other persons. Any violation can lead to an ultimate cancellation of your subscription. In this case refunds are impossible.


WALLSTREETCOCKPIT.COM (for private investors)

ETF-COCKPIT.COM (for private investors)

FUTURESCOCKPIT.COM (for private investors)

BANKINGCOCKPIT.COM (for professional investors)

For further questions read our FAQ-List (german).


For Asset Analysis and Portfolio Design we charge 1 % of the value of your investments. Further services we offer on demand.


Dozens of newsletter editors promise to double, triple or quadruple investors' money each year. The reality is, that 80% of advisory letters fail to beat the market over the long term. As a result: Following the recommendations of most stock and fund advisory letters is like going to Las Vegas
and play roulette. If you would have followed the advice of the 5 worst-performing letters, you would have played russian roulette and lost almost your entire portfolio value.

Our portfolio-performance for first investors (since 07/15/2005) to now:

SCHMIDT Portfolio: Gain of 835 % (05/05/2011)

If you book our Wallstreet-Cockpit you will get a lot of different cockpits like the Nanotech-Cockpit, Biotech-Cockpit, Oil-Cockpit, Gold-Cockpit etc.

Selected Cockpits of our Member Area

Nikkei-Cockpit; Shanghai-Cockpit; Sensex-Cockpit;
Swiss-Cockpit; DAX-Cockpit; ATX-Cockpit;
Oil-Cockpit; Uranium-Cockpit;

Gold-Cockpit; Silver-Cockpit; Diamond-Cockpit;

Water-Cockpit; Green-Cockpit; Healthcare-Cockpit

To start a rocket is not so difficult. To bring the crew safely back to our planet is the real challenge. We can use this metaphor for the financial markets, too:
Starting an investment is not the real art in the financial markets, but finding the right timing to sell your trades!

Our wave riding approach allows us to jump on a new trading wave sooner than most market participants and gives us also the right sell signals before the wave breaks on its pivotal point. Another problem a lot of investors face is, that they trade too many positions. With our cockpit of maximum 20 investments per portfolio you will always have the complete picture of your trades. Our portfolio-rotation systems secures that always 20 of the most promising investments out of a pool of about 750 investment ideas are traded.

This secures that 90 to 95% of our trades are winners!

But winning trades is only one part of the game. Our Trading-Alert-System outperformed the S&P 500 Index, the DJIA, and the NASDAQ from inception.

Our Daily Market Analysis keeps you in touch with the markets during every trading day. Our customers make their investment decicions when a new trading alert occurs. Trading alerts are sent by e-mail so you can buy and sell your positions immediately at your online-broker.

Competitive Advantage

Those who want to win in the markets have to realize one lesson from the beginning: The market is always right!

What`s wrong is the timing factor of buying stocks, currencies or commodities. Bad timing is the main reason
why investors can lose a big amount of money.

Our new SCHMIDT-Indicator, named after the inventor of the I-Matrix-Software, is the first indicator worldwide that is based on the systematic calculation of the complex interactions in markets. Therefore we get the best trading signals achievable today.

Jesse Livermore knew that speculating demands the ability to be patient and react only when market conditions give you the signals to speculate.

With our timing-strategy wallstreetcockpit.com helps savvy investors to turn dominant global trends into big profits of more than 120 % per year. In fact, in the year 2005, while the Dow stagnated, we made an astonishing gain of 78 % in just 5 months after introducing our service.

Our SCHMIDT-Indicator uses a cybernetic calculation to recognize the strength and weakness of stocks. For getting exact trading signals we calculate a "weighted" cybernetic average instead of a simple moving average, because a weighted average puts more emphasis on recent data... and less emphasis on old data. This is the most effective way to use trading signals because it gives us a much better
stock-picking timing. But that´s not all.

Instead of using just one cybernetic moving average we integrated the superposition of 10 different moving averages into our I-Matrix-Software. What we have now is a unique
the revolutionary SCHMIDT OSZILLATOR!

And here is the I-Matrix phenomenon: These moving averages interact with each other in a predictable way to generate extremely accurate buy and sell signals. Our system is able to scan over 10,000 stocks - every day - to recognize patterns of potential winning stocks. Our screening filters out the stocks with to much risks: The results are stocks that offer the highest upside potential.

Early investors in new megatrends always get rich. So are you ready to subscribe to wallstreetcockpit.com?

Unternehmercockpit.com has been featured in Finanz & Wirtschaft, Der Aktionär (interview with Dr.-Ing.
Artur P. Schmidt) and Schweizer Bank (interview).

For further questions read our FAQ-List (german).

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